Hello there! I'm so glad you stopped by to learn a little bit more about me. 

I am the devoted wife to my adventurous husband, Dillon, and the mama to our son, Ezekiel. I have a deep love for my family, friends, and community, a passion for improving birth and postpartum, and a desire to see women and families flourish and thrive. I am an extroverted introvert that loves the outdoors (specifically bodies of water, Oklahoma skies, and large fields) and getting away to local coffee shops. I thrive on deep, intentional conversations, the mundane adventures with family and friends, and lots and lots of coffee. 

My passion for all things pregnancy and birth began during my own journey into motherhood. The more I prepared for my birth, the bigger my passion grew. Like most stories in life, Ezekiel's birth didn't go exactly as I had planned. It did, however, completely transform the way I saw myself. I was proud of myself for the first time in a long time. I had a new purpose to add to my life-to raise a sweet little boy that had, by the grace of God, been entrusted to me. Before being pregnant, I would have never seen myself as a birth worker. But thankfully, during the process of having my own child, the dreams and desires I had for myself all along finally made sense and led me here to another new purpose.