Ashlee has such a heart for caring and loving those around her. Her heart with her passion for the birth process makes for an excellent doula. Ashlee went absolutely above and beyond to serve us from the very beginning. She has an invaluable set of knowledge, in addition to other resources, that were extremely helpful to us! When the real labor started, Ashlee helped me learn to handle/use each contraction AND she also helped me and my husband work together through the process. She coached daddy-to-be through how to be supportive with just the right amount of information and never overwhelmed him. She talked/walked/guided/encouraged/helped us thrive through 96 HOURS OF LABOR!!! What dedication! I cannot imagine bringing our son into the world without Ashlee and what a different story that would have been. If you’re thinking about hiring a doula Ashlee is a great pick and our family highly recommends her services!
— Baby B's Mama
We had the honor of Ashlee being our doula and I can’t tell you how amazing she is!!! She listened to the desires I had for my labor and delivery and went above and beyond to meet those. She helped walk me through my fears and was an incredible support through the new discoveries I made about myself through this process! I couldn’t recommend her more! She is caring, gentle, understanding, and she will never give up on you, no matter what!! My husband and I couldn’t have had the labor and delivery that we had without Ashlee there to help support us! It truly was an amazing experience and the investment we made in her was beyond worth it!
— Baby A's Mama
We hired Ashlee as our doula for our second pregnancy/birth with the goal of having another unmedicated hospital delivery. Having become a SAHM since having our first child, we planned to hire someone “fresh” in the doula world in order to pinch pennies. My husband and I (and our toddler) interviewed a few wonderful ladies and we instantly meshed with Ashlee. Having had an amazing, experienced doula at our first birth, I can attest that Ashlee is every bit as intuitive, capable and knowledgeable. She provided us with support every step of the way- pregnancy, labor and postpartum- with her gentle, uplifting and empathetic spirit. We ended up having an unexpected induction, and her encouragement and assistance in providing physical comfort to me in that period was invaluable and helped me achieve the kind of birth I desired, despite the change in plans. I know her business is going to grow fast because she’s that talented and I’d wholeheartedly recommend Ashlee to anyone looking for a doula!
— Baby A's Mama
Ashlee was an amazing and invaluable help to my husband and I during the delivery of our son. She is one of the sweetest, most positive, and encouraging people I have ever met. She really encouraged me in the moments I wanted to give up, and I will forever be grateful that we chose her to be a part of such a special time in our lives. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to, so it was very easy for us to get comfortable with her. I would absolutely recommend her!
— Baby C's Mama
Hospital Birth 2017 October OKC
Ashlee took care of us and provided much needed emotional support. We are very grateful for our time with her. Ashlee listened to our concerns and provided us with the support we needed to address them.
— Baby L's Daddy
I met with Ashlee to hear more about what hiring her would entail, but I wasn’t sure that having a doula was something we “needed.” At our first meeting, I was so comfortable and at ease hearing her experiences with various types of births and I hired her on the spot! When I told my husband about it, he was not as excited and felt like he wouldn’t have a role if we had a doula present. After our meeting with Ashlee, he felt completely different and actually started to get excited about having someone there to help with getting us to try different positions or to run and get us something if we needed it so that he could stay with me the whole time. We felt completely prepared going into our labor and had so much peace thanks to Ashlee. Trust me, you will be so happy to have her on your team cheering you on! We would hire her again and again.
— Baby C's Mama
Hospital Birth 2017
Ashlee is amazing! She has the most compassionate and sacrificial heart. She encouraged me as I carried my daughter for 42 weeks... especially in the last 2 long, challenging, and formative weeks. She stood beside us throughout pregnancy and was such a comforting presence throughout labor and delivery! She is supportive and loving, knowledgeable and always learning with and for you! She is an incredible doula and an irreplaceable friend! This family loves her!
— Baby O's Mama