OKC Birth Doula

Nested Oak was birthed out of a passion and dream to see families thrive as they grow and expand. It is my goal and passion to help my clients feel prepared, respected, and confident; regardless of how their journey unfolds. Although the number one goal of birth is a healthy mama and healthy baby, I believe there is much more to the story. Birth is a transformative experience for the entire family and holds great value for the rest of your life. It is my passion to help prepare and preserve the space for women of all backgrounds and desires to thrive as they birth their babies. My hope is that with my addition to the birth team, women and families will begin or continue this marathon of raising their children with strength, confidence, and loving support.

I believe birth is a spiritual, transformative, joyful, and normal process. I deeply trust that each individual woman knows the best way to birth their baby. I also believe that way may be different birth by birth. I believe there is a time and place for medical intervention and technology to protect the well-being of the mama and the baby. I deeply respect care-providers and I believe in the importance of a trustworthy and open partnership with whomever you choose to care for you and your growing family.